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Vaultwraith - Death Is Proof Of Satan's Power

Vaultwraith - Death Is Proof Of Satan's Power

Label : Hells Headbangers | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Sicktus : Stampede-roar-phlegm-saw-batter-tear-rot… Oldschool death with a hint of atmospherical keys, some heavy metal influences… Sounds like: a dark, sludgy swamp filled with zombies… The sound of one casket clapping... Full moon fistbangers.... Castlevania... Troma... Phlegm-rot-batter-saw-groove-assault-rock.... Groovy... Sweaty... Cursed, cursing… Gnawing, growling, gurgling vocals… Echoing chasms…. The fluttering of bats…. Occultish, gritty death metal, both catchy and grimy at the same time… Danceable. Moshable. Bangable. Sawin. Sawing. Sawing. Gnawing. Solo. Sawing. The Coffinshakers, Ghoul, Nunslaughter, Necrophagia having a bar brawl with ancient Candlemass, Autopsy and Celtic Frost, with Dario Argento directing the hell out of it and King Diamond in charge of stage props. Black, death, heavy, thrash: more-oldschool-than-oldschool.

”That’s not a review, that’s just a wordcloud!” Yeah, well, whatever. What I do know though, is that Missouri based Vaultwraith have managed to deliver a debut full-length that is viciously delicious, a blend of filthy horror inspired death, gritty protoblack, chain rattling thrash and at times almost danceable heavy metal, served on a bed of rotting intestines and drenched in a vaguely familiar tasting sticky, deep red sauce... Cheesy lyrics? Check! Cliché-yet-awesome album art? Check! Call me crazy, but this release puts a huge grin on my face. Favourite track of the month: ‘Night Ride Through The Black Wood’. Fist in the air, face splitting grin and mosh-bang-dance ‘till your corpse drops!

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