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Various Artists - Brutal Vision Vol. 3

Various Artists - Brutal Vision Vol. 3

Label : Noizgate Records | Archive under punk / hardcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Job : The nineties were fantastic, at least in Holland they were. Happy Hardcore, Bomfunk MC’s, boybands and 2 Unlimited; sign me up. There was even a phenomenon in every single record store here around that time – Hitzone: a very basic compilation of whatever was trendy in music at that time. There were so many Hitzone cd’s and seemingly every two weeks a new one came out. Now, ‘Brutal Vision Vol. 3’ is basically that – a very basic compilation of punk / hardcore, most of which based in Germany, I believe.

And to be honest: most of it is shit. A complete lack of originality or insight is prevalent through many of these randomly put together songs. ‘Supercharger’-era Machine Head on one song, very tardy traditional punk on another that’s been done ad nauseam before and better at that. If you’re into repetitive punk / hardcore, this might be your new “Hitzone”, but if you’re like me and expect some degree of intelligence in song structures or a decent vocalist with a smart riff backing him up, stay away.

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