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Three Seasons - Things Change

Three Seasons - Things Change

Label : Transubstans Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : The third album by Three Seasons is called Things Change’, and it’s probably slightly heavier, more straight forward compared to earlier work, but beside a new, very cunning and experienced drummer (ex- Glenn Hughes, John Norum and Michael Schenker), not very different from the basics of previous material. This is still well performed, pretty technical (bluesy) hard rock with some psychedelic seventies influences. At times one may think in the direction of Budgie or our own Focus (without the flute), and Magnolia or November could be some Scandinavian sources of inspiration; something that can’t be really bad. The authentic and honest sound are very pleasant, and the catchy hooks and instrumental capacities represent a high level of quality, so the songs should be able to be instant killer-tracks. Despite all the available quality the songs can’t grab me like some stuff by Magnolia for instance, but Three Seasons certainly has delivered some quality music worth listening.

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