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The Sad Flowers  - The Sad Flowers

The Sad Flowers - The Sad Flowers

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : The Sad Flowers happens to be a studio project from multi-instrumentalists Jan Ooms and Jany Claeskens. They had a proper DIY mentality to create this first full length album. After the foundation in 2013, the market was warmed up for this project that goes beyond genre boundaries, by several singles ‘Schmetterling’ (2014), ‘Never Mind’ (2015) and ‘The Legend’ (2016). They also shot video clips for these songs and longer versions can be found on this debut that has a length of no less than 72 minutes.

It is impossible to categorize The Sad Flowers in one pigeonhole. The guys have created a blend of all musical influences that ever meant something for them – they are talking about one hundred years of experience – into self-written compositions. It goes from new wave and cold wave to gothic, alternative rock to doom and progressive rock. Yet this will mainly appeal to aficionados of genuine melancholy, since the pace of most of the songs is rather slow. The lyrics are thoughtful and come from everyday experiences, while the general atmosphere appears to be dark. The emotive guitar leads are magnificent in every track, while soaring keyboards weave a web around this amalgamation of influences. I got to get used to the vocal timbre in the beginning, but after several spins the Danzig alike baritone of Ooms just fits the general atmosphere of the record. That’s a strong feature of this disc: atmosphere. With dreams, frustrations and contemplations all over. On one side we have the catchy, smooth up-tempo songs such as ‘Hate’, ‘Never Mind’ and ‘Schmetterling’, but on the other hand we have lengthy reveries in thoughtful mood, like ‘Walk The Line’, the quiescent moment ‘The Legend’ and the genuine ‘The Autumn Of Life’ that we eagerly choose as highlight. This debut is an extensive statement of experiences of life and emotional music.

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