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The Sad Flowers	 - The Sad Flowers

The Sad Flowers - The Sad Flowers

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Job : Belgium has produced quite some quality music over the years and the relatively new duo The Sad Flowers is here to prove they belong among the greats from the small country. The two middle-aged dudes play a mix of classic prog rock, mixed with hints of post rock and the odd Rammstein influence, but when they’re not faultily emulating the NDH goliath, they sound like Pink Floyd. It’s an off-putting combination, one that doesn’t always hit home. While the vocalist often times sounds weathered and experienced, there’s still a lot to improve on here.

For instance, many of the songs outstay their welcome by a considerable while, many running past the 5-minute mark without having to and with no clear development. Influences like the aforementioned Rammstein pop up on some songs, as well as Faith no More and Depeche Mode, but none of them feel determined and fall flat in the classic prog that encapsulate them. The song ‘Schmetterling’ is probably the best example of that: incredibly predictable Black Sabbath and Rammstein (the lyrics are German, too for some unbeknownst reason) is interchanged with Faith No More and it just sounds off. These gentlemen should really start cutting their material and decide what direction they want to take if their ambition is to speak to a greater audience.

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