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The Erkonauts - I Shall Forgive

The Erkonauts - I Shall Forgive

Label : Indie Recordings | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Job : Progpunk finally gets a sound with The Erkonauts’ debut ‘I Shall Forgive’! The band from Geneva, Switzerland has brought us a stellar record that effortlessly mixes influences from The Dillinger Escape Plan and Mastodon with traditional punk like NOFX and more modern punk/hardcore like Alexisonfire and Converge. The result is a sound that’s as unrelenting as it is catchy and brilliant, where catchy hooks aren’t lost in a wrecking ball of aggression. And that’s an achievement.

Songs like opener ‘Little Mary’ puts the punky vocalist/bassist Ales Campanelli on a stage to take the spotlight and he does so with effervescent prowess – his vocals are a perfect match for this type of music. Songs like ‘Seven Macaw’, ‘Chaos Never Fail to Appeal’ and ‘Globebl’ bring the oldschool hardcore tempo and raise some definite hell in their execution. The further into the record you get, the more it becomes apparent that this band thought about what they play and how to make it sound their own with little progressive shifts and incredible musicianship. Every chord and progression has its purpose and nothing feels either left out or tacked on. Oh, and those black metal (Immortal, mainly) influences really do some work on ‘Sappy’. Special shoutout as well to ‘The Snick’ with its doomy and dark buildup to one of the grooviest climaxes I’ve heard in a long time. For the love of all that is heavy, put this record on and give it a fair chance because it’s fucking great.

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