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Last Avenue  - Identity

Last Avenue - Identity

Label : Dooweet | Archive under nu metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Job : Childish and simplistic is what I would call the music on the new record by French nu-metal band Last Avenue. The four gentlemen from Orleans seem to have outgrown their respective pubescent phases but their music alludes otherwise. Teen angst is written all over this album, and it shines most through the vocals from guitarist/vocalist Dej. Stylistically, the music is comparable to old Stone Sour, mixed with KoRn and Sonic Syndicate and more traditional nu-metal like Coal Chamber and old Linkin Park at times.

This album would’ve maybe hit back in 2000 when Nu-Metal had just taken off but now? Now it’s a mere xerox of a shell of a genre, not worth anyone’s time this month. The heavy use of electronics throughout the album and in most of the intros destroy any passion that could’ve been felt through the music and the monotonous “slamming” nu-metal riffs hammer that thought in ferociously. Go listen to something worthwhile this month and don’t even bother with this.

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