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Hooded Priest - The Hour Be None

Hooded Priest - The Hour Be None

Label : I Hate | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : It took some time, seven and a half years to be more precise, but now we finally get the follow-up to Hooded Priest’s debut ‘Devil Worship Reckoning’. Opener/intro ‘Dolen – Exiting The Real’ wrong footed me. Wtf? Hooded Priest releasing a drone noise album? But with ‘Call For The Hearse’ it is clearly the sound that we know of the band. Almost epic like based on Italian occult doom with the characteristic vocals of eye-catcher Luther Veldmark. The man who looks like Pagan Altar’s mascot. A difference with before is that the music constructed better now. It is more varied and more mature. Everything adds up, also production wise. This is continued on the other songs as well. Disregarding the intro five top-notch doom songs are served which should appeal to every fan of traditional, epic doom.

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