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Embryo - A Step Beyond Divinity

Embryo - A Step Beyond Divinity

Label : Art Gates Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : Embryo is an Italian melodic death metal band that you should not confuse with the German jazz rock ensemble from the seventies when you look for the band via Google. This version of the band was founded in 2002 and therefore already has an abundance of experience. You can also hear that directly on the album, because all songs have good coherence and a clear story. A good build-up, nice riffs, a lot of dynamics and a change of pace now and then and sung in a professional manner by vocalist Roberto Pasolini. He screams and grunts his way through the songs and knows how to set accents at the right moments, making the stories that the band wants to tell very clear. So it is an excellent album in the genre, which unfortunately is characterized by an abundance of releases in the same style. The disadvantage of this album 'A Step Beyond Divinity' is that if you leave the keyboards out, little will change and has no impact of the album. They are, say, 90% of the time redundant. They give the songs a bit of colour but if you use keyboards, being a metal band, they also have to add something. The riffs and the groovy drumming make this album an easy listen but you do have the idea that they somehow have been working too much with a certain formula. The next time a little more thinking outside the box and then they may have a classic album on their hands because basically this album rocks.

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