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Doom Side Of The Moon  - Doom Side Of The Moon

Doom Side Of The Moon - Doom Side Of The Moon

Label : Mascot Records | Archive under stoner

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : We have to admit: this is risky business! Making a heavy metal version of the most iconic album of all times which resided in the album charts for years and broke all boundaries. An album that’s never been equaled in atmosphere and musical brilliance and happened to be a revelation for millions in their youth or later. An album never surpassed and impossible to improve. It is the soundtrack of many generations. We are talking about ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ of Pink Floyd. Which queer fish has the guts to cover this completely and record his own interpretation? Well indeed, someone like that is walking this earth and you know what? He realized his idea!

The musician in question appears to be the American Kyle Shutt, guitarist of The Sword, a collective quite known in the stonerrock scène. By the way, I have talked with the blond-haired guy early 2013, interviewing him on behalf of ’Apocryphon’ and he was – in contrast to the singer – very debonair with the press. Of course he did not reproduced this album all alone: the rhythm section of The Sword was involved, vocalist Alex Marrero does a proper job with velvet chants, sax is present if needed and keyboard player Joe Cornetti cannot be missed either. With a mix of astonishment and – I admit – curiosity, I start this challenge. And indeed: they have my blessings to start touring as Pink Floyd cover band (although Echoes remains my favourite) and the more people get to know this, the better.

‘Speak To Me’ has turned into a psychedelic wall of guitars with ultimate distortion. Sigh… ‘Breathe’ however does not differ that much from the original version with its smooth chants, although the outburst is heavy and sludgy in this case. For the instrumental ‘On The Run’ they seem to have used the original backing track (synths), but they add razor-sharp guitar screams with loads of feedback. When ‘The Great Gig In The Sky’ is about to come next, I wonder how they are going to handle this. Instrumental, so it seems. With piano and the saxophone takes over female vocals. The hit ‘Money’ has tight guitars, just like the original, keyboards are coloured differently and guitars sound rougher. Different drum patterns in the calm and beautiful sung’ Us And Them’ with distorted guitar solo. ‘Any Color You Like’ leans on percussion and verges to Santana. In ‘Brain Damage’ vocals of the verses are distorted in a creepy manner, guided by fluttering sounds. Daring. The chorus remains serene. Surrounded by psychedelic guitars, the smooth chants of ‘Eclipse’ resound. Conclusion: this is done to a turn and with respect. Well, you must be made of a special mould to destroy these masterly compositions anyways. They don’t do that, although I am still balancing on the thin line between ‘rape’ and ‘great’.

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