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Black Stone Cherry - Back To Blues

Black Stone Cherry - Back To Blues

Label : Mascot Records | Archive under bluesrock

Release type: Mini-CD

Wim S. : A little in between release by Black Stone Cherry. Always nice. I'm normally not so fond of EP's, the demo’s or the extras, but in the case of Black Stone Cherry I like to make an exception. I really like to hear the music of the four men from Kentucky. A lot of energy, a lot of passion, the men exude and I have a weakness for that. Why do they release this EP? Singer / guitarist Chris Robertson explains it in one sentence: 'I know it's crazy for four rock and roll dudes to make a blues EP, but it's us sharing with everyone the music that has been our DNA from day one'. Well, then you know how it is.

A sort of tribute therefore. A tribute to blues heroes like Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf and Albert King. And what a great tribute this is, absolutely wonderful. Which in itself is no surprise, because you always heard the necessary blues influences in their music. Robertson has a great, bluesy voice. He has that gasp, he has power, he has that raw edge, but also a lot of melody. The guitars sound heavy and tight and in particular the bass of Jon Lawhon thugs out of your speakers. Unfortunately there are only six songs on this demo but all six songs are in the bull’s eye. Enjoy it.

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