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SinnerAngel - Sinister Decálogo

SinnerAngel - Sinister Decálogo

Label : GrimmDistribution | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : When it comes to decent music I associate South-American countries mainly with extremer forms of metal, and what most bands from that area blow us away with in general is quite old-school. In SinnerAngel we have a band that breaks those “rules”. It is extreme, and it does have old-school elements, but the quartet definitely doesn’t let itself be labelled easily. The record company describes the music as “Blackened Death Power Metal”, and for some part I can agree on that. But SinnerAngel is more than that.

What the gentlemen deliver on their debut, ‘Sinister Decálogo’, is a quite tasty soup of extreme black and death metal, traditional heavy metal, but also melodic, Swedish-vibed thrash metal. In other words; the perfect ingredients for an extreme, catchy, atmospheric and delightfully dark record. One of the names that frequently comes to mind is Gates Of Ishtar (anyone remember that?), and along with that bands like Unanimated, Sacramentum and similar acts. Here and there they also remind me of old Gorgoroth, but also later Immortal and at some points even of Cradle Of Filth, but most of all of Brimstone. Yet the band is not easily compared to anything else directly, which I in this case mean outmost positively. I don’t think it’s necessary for me to point out that the album has quite a diverse character. But despite the fact that the gentlemen melt different influences together, the whole doesn’t sound confusing or “pointless”, which is indeed the case with a lot of bands with a similar approach. On the contrary, SinnerAngel has molten everything into one whole, and with that they have created their own identity. That again makes sure that the whole lot doesn’t collapse, and keep you focused.

The guitars play a major role in the music, and the one cool riff is fired mercilessly after the other. Guitarist William Florez shows a great deal of talent and expertise here and definitely deserves a badge of honour for his performance. Fortunately the rest of the band is of the same quality and supports the vortex of guitars with excellence. On top of that vocalist Gustavo has a highly powerful throat and easily switches between guttural summoning and hellish black-vocals. It is also well audible that the gentlemen have lots of experience together (the band was founded in 2004 and to my knowledge has kept on going in the same line-up!). What I personally also admire is the fact that despite a sufficient amount of melodies, the aggression remains intact at all times. And finally the album is in a great shape sonically, and I personally like the cover art as well. To be honest I don’t have anything negative to say about this album. I think I will simply give it another spin, because due to its diverse character every spin is a new experience. Absolutely recommended. But be quick, because the album has been release in June and there are only 500 copies of it.

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