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Reveal - Timeline

Reveal - Timeline

Label : FC Metal Recordings | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : Reveal is a new band around Spanish guitarist Tino Hevia, who most power metal fans may know from Darksun and Nörthwind. Most of the musicians that participate in Reveal are also Hevia’s Darsun-mates, accompanied by Swedish vocalist/YouTuber Rob Lundgren.

Apparently power metal is in Hevia’s blood, because also with Reveal the man walks the (typically European) power metal paths. Reveal however is somewhat heaver and less folk/fantasy-inspired as the man’s previous bands, and also a bit more modern. In order to form an idea of what you can expect, you can think of combination of bands like Labyrinth, The Dogma Edguy, Blind Guardian and co., with a touch of prog. The debut ‘Timeline’ therefore has turned out quite versatile, and although the band delivers nothing new or shocking, the album does have everything a quality album in this genre requires.

Contrary to expectation Reveal’s music is not really guitar-oriented. Don’t get me wrong, because both Hevia and guitarist David Figuer deliver solid solo works, but also wait for their turn and don’t fill every gap with a solo or a guitar cry. The riff-work however has been kept quite basic and in general plays “only” a supporting role. The main role here is especially for Lundgren, and I must say that the man has done a great job. Not only does he have a beautiful voice, but also has the power and the charisma a heavy metal singer should have and, fortunately, doesn’t sound as sweet and “feminine” as many of his colleagues in this genre. His vocal lines are also quite catchy and manage, just as the music, to hit the right spot frequently. Listen alone to the magnificent ‘Dark Angel’ for that matter; a power metal (semi-)ballad that should not be skipped for a change. But the rest of the tracks are equally powerful, and although I personally prefer the faster pieces, all tracks are good compositions, each with its own highlights. Although the songs contain a lot of details, Hevia (unlike many of his colleagues) has made sure not to overdo it and keeps the whole thing quite “orderly”. Because of that the songs instantly have impact and keep you well focused in general. On top of that the band consists of excellent musicians and on instrumental level there is also little room for discussion.

Marco Rodríguez (Rage) has provided a powerful, clear and well-balanced production that ensure everything to come into its own accordingly, and that the details don’t get lost in the whole. Oh by the way, the man has also contributed a solo to the songs ‘300’, and has also provided the vocals for the bonus-version of the song ‘Blood And Sand’. The regular version of this track already reveals strong Blind Guardian references (moreover Guardian-guitarist Marcus Siepen also plays along on this song), but it’s with Rodríguez’s voice that sounds almost identical to Hansi Kürch’s, it becomes clear just how much of Blind Guardian’s spirit is in this song. Along with Siepen and Rodríguez guitarist Tom Nauman (Primal Fear/Sinner) also makes a guest appearance on the album, on the song ‘Who Will Rise?’. Nice, but also without these guest appearances ‘Timeline’ would have been the solid and successful debut it is. This album will without doubt apply to the fans of progressive power metal. Hopefully we will hear more of this in the future.

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