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Nordheim - RapThor

Nordheim - RapThor

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under pagan / folk metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : In 2010 Canadian Nordheim debuted with the meritorious ’Lost In The North’, in 2013 followed by ‘Refill’. In the meantime they have built up a proper live (and drink) reputation and every concert of the cheerful pagan metal band turned into a huge party. The band puts it straight: the more beer, the better. Songs like ‘I Wish You Were Beer’ and ‘Boobs And Bacon’ are danceable drinking songs in the vein of Alestorm and Korpiklaani.

But there is more. The band itself states that this is their heaviest album and we notice this already during the opening track ‘Troll Riding A Raptor’. The foundation of the songs is obviously black metal; music-wise as well as vocally with the scream-like voice of guitarist Warraxe which reminds me mostly of Ensiferum’s Petri Lindroos. As contrast there are low-ranged grunts and often sturdy clean heathen harmony vocals. They play quite high leveled, while never losing their focus on catchiness. The approach of the record is still inciting partying, but the opulence of melodic guitar solos has improved to a higher level. That’s why this album pleases me more than their debut. Actually ‘I Wish You Were Beer’ happens to be the only cheerful tune without depth, made to please the jumping masses, furthermore there is quite some depth to discover in their musical patterns. Not that Nordheim comes up with mythological sages and legends now, but for instance the ten minutes long occluding track ‘Dragonthorn’ appears to be an engrossing hymn with a lot of different moods and twists and turns. Thus this is a band in full development and that’s the way we like it. Those who are fan of Ensiferum or Finntroll should surely check out Nordheim as well!

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