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Devastation - Drink With The Devil

Devastation - Drink With The Devil

Label : Empire Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Nima : The Belgian old-school thrasher from Devastatiön managed well to entertain me with their two full-lengths ’Leather Jack Maniac’ (2011) and ’Pussy Juice Blues’. Meanwhile the band has scored a deal with Empire Records, and has just released its first effort for the label.

The five new tracks the quartet reveals on this EP are best described as the superlative degree of what we knew from them so far. In other words: better, stronger, tighter, harder and faster. Old-school thrash is still the law and also here there are no traces of originality or innovation whatsoever. And so the title track is more in the direction of ‘retro’ black/thrash, while ‘Defilement’ reminds a lot of Absu during the ‘Tara’ era. ‘Reborn In Fire’ however, is more in the line of old Celtic Frost, but it is mainly the spirit of Slayer that comes forth in ‘Raped By God’. And finally the Teutonic influences are best audible in ‘Society Will Die’. But, who cares if it’s not original? To hell with originality; the songs are well composed, performed accordingly, but most of all sound damn tasty. More importantly, despite the varied influences, the band doesn’t make a confusing impression and it has all been merged into one whole. And whether you like it or not, the band has clearly progressed on all fronts and comes across quite professional and mature. Let’s just hope that the next full-length album follows more, because this hungers for more.

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