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The Soul Exchange - Vow Of Seth

The Soul Exchange - Vow Of Seth

Label : Pride And Joy | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Mini-CD

Wim R. : The release of this EP ‘The Vow Of Seth’ is meant to get everyone acquainted the new musical course The Soul Exchange will be heading from now on. The band released one album so far, called ‘Bloodhound’ and a new album will be out in 2018. Song and sound wise fellow Swedes Ghost spring to mind hearing this, rather enjoyable, EP.

Opener ‘Vow Of Seth’ begins with a haunting Egyptian intro. In the course of the song the band brings you an atmospheric track with nice vocal work by Daniel John. It is the mix of the low tuned guitars and daunting keyboards that sets the tone for this EP. Each note played has a reason. No musical extravaganza with The Soul Exchange. The second track follows the first one in sound and vibeand an ominous spoken intro sets the tone once again. I do not know if singer John is responsible for this narrativr part, but I do know that John is very convincing with his strong and clear voice. The somewhat lighter ‘The Deed Is Done’ sees John approaching the vocals in a somewhat lighter, more poppy manner. Nice. The EP ends with the quiet but obsessive ‘My Mortal Sound’.

Untill now I was not familiar with The Soul Exchange, but this EP, well produced by Magnus Lundqvist, is a nice and enjoyable introduction.

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