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The Father Of Serpents - Age Of Damnation

The Father Of Serpents - Age Of Damnation

Label : Satanath Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Erik M. : The opening track ‘The Walls Of No Salvation’reminds of the melody line from My Dying Bride’s ‘The Cry Of Mankind’. Father Of Serpents use this element very tasty on their debut. This band reminds me a lot of the horde of Peaceville bands from the early nineties, though The Father Of Serpents manages to give all this a face of its own. Singer Pavle (also responsible for the all violin parts) stays a lot in the lower grunt section but also does a good job in the melodic vocal ranges (very well done!). The production offers enough overhead in the mix to give the bass parts enough room to groov. This is being brought more to life on the unexpected funky explosions that surface. So in a nutshell a good and varied release in which an healthy old school ghost goes hand in hand with modern influences.

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