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Starsoup - Castles Of Sand

Starsoup - Castles Of Sand

Label : Metalism Recs | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

William Pezy : The moment you start listening to this record, you will realise that the singer is not a ‘native speaker’. However the album is a very ‘western’ record. The mix of folk, progmetal and rock gives a result that you would expect of a band originating from England or Scandinavia. I was very surprised when I realised that this band is from Moscow. However, band…you better called it singer and guitar player Alexey Markov and guests. Alexey may be known from his other band Distant Sun.

This album is the successor of debut album ‘Bazaar of Wonders’ that was released in 2013. Musically it is a very nice album. Besides the mix of the previously mentioned styles you will find out that the songs have a great variety but are definitely of the same writer. The easy ballad, the folksong, the firm power metal but also the epic and filmish rock. It is all firm and solid and each song is very well written. The uniting element is the beautiful voice of singer Alexey. The vocal parts are extremely well written. The only thing that one might feel that it is somewhat new that a very Irish and very folky song is sung by someone whose roots are definitely to be found on the mainland. It is done very well, it is just a bit new for me.

The production of this record is above average. The instruments may sound a bit modest but is done wisely to be sure that all details are clear to hear. That is a big plus! It is simple, after listening this album you remain yearning for more!

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