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Love Machine - Times To Come

Love Machine - Times To Come

Label : Unique Records | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Full-length CD

Jan-Simon : Nomen est omen, the name is a sign. So it is no coincidence the German band Love Machine sounds anything but Cannibal Corpse, Sepultura or even Metallica. No, it would not surprise me if these bearded guys from Düsseldorf, Germany were more than just a little bit inspired by sixties legends Love and The Music Machine. Love Machine churns out a comparable mixture of psychedelic sixties rock with bits of jazz, pop and folk, and adds to this a singer that sounds like Eddie Vedder if he had been Roy Orbison’s secret son. Add to this the intro taken straight from The Velvet Underground’s ‘All Tomorrow’s Parties’ that is used in ‘To The Universe’ and “they set the scene”, just to paraphrase Love.

All things considered ‘Times To Come’ sounds surprisingly authentic. That much even that for a long time I was under the impression this was a reissue of some forgotten psychedelic gem. But far from it, Love Machine is a 21st century band, even though everything on this release screams “sixties”. Even the production is a bit dusty and not crispy digital, as we assume it should be for music from that time. Musically it is solid, made in Germany solid, but at the same time it lacks spontaneity and appears a bit clinical. I do not believe Love Machine is some sort of musical labour camp, but ‘Times To Come’ does come across as the result of a 9 to 5 office job. No indecent note, never a wild moment with meters in the red or colouring beyond the lines. It is neat and tidy, sensible and for that reason rather boring. I would have preferred a bit more Arthur Lee or Sean Bonniwell and their friends.

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