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Black Capricorn - Omega

Black Capricorn - Omega

Label : Stone Stallion Rex | Archive under doom metal

Release type: LP

Vera : Black Capricorn is ready with the fourth album ‘Omega’ and that happens to be a seemingly endless parade of distorted doom riffs, occult atmospheres, ritual chants and vintage guitar solos. The trio united by family bonds hails from Sardinia and among connoisseurs they might have built up a name. They have shared the stage with Lord Vicar and Conan to name a few and since 2012 they also played at several festivals.

Since 2013 the core trio added a second guitarist at live gigs and guest musicians also add cello and violin to the track ‘Black Capricorn Seal’, while soprano Ilana Falchi adds any high pitched chants in ‘The Man Who Dared’. ‘Omega’ has a length of one hour and a half, spread over two vinyl discs. That’s how it was released early November in the first place, later a CD version will follow. This is really diehard stuff for visitors of Desert Fest. A slightly psychedelic touch is added to the slow, ponderous doom compositions as extra, but the undersigned concludes ‘trop is trop’ (too much is too much) after listening to this. When you watch the clip for ‘Evil Horde Of Lucifer’, you will notice that this is an okay band, but rather standard. Occult rituals and obscure atmospheres they create, but they don’t keep your attention all album long. In this respect, the guest musicians are a welcome addition, because some of the lengthy compositions get really long-winded. Thus it is an album with any fine moments, but a bit weeding through the jungle of sounds would have resulted in a more interesting (and shorter) release.

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