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Ombre Obscure - Misère Ad Infinitum

Ombre Obscure - Misère Ad Infinitum

Label : Herrie Records Inc. | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Demo

Marcel H. : Damn, this is one tasty demo from Dutch soil for anyone into heavy doom death. Especially recommended to Winter fans. The first thing one notices is that P. resurfaces on drums here. For many a doom fan he will be known as the drummer with the “velvet” touch of Whispering Gallery. However, when that band stopped nothing much was heard from him again. Well, until now that is. He hits those drums as hard as ever. Besides P. the band consists of S. and M. on guitar, H. on bass and S. and H. on vocals (a different S. and H. than the aforementioned ones). So, musically it is super heavy doom death. Nowhere does it get boring for even a second. The band manages to keep it interesting due to the great production and subtle accents in the music. Due to this the band also reminds me of Beyond Belief, besides Winter. Fans of those bands should really check out Ombre Obscure. The Netherlands has just gained another top notch doom death band.

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