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Nightingale - Rock Hard Live

Nightingale - Rock Hard Live

Label : Alone Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Dan Swanö got famous in the nineties as moving spirit of Edge Of Sanity and as producer, but he always had several bands and projects with whom he created music. The most recent one is Witherscape, but with Nightingale he has been active for many years. With Edge Of Sanity he was one of the echelons of melodic death metal, but Nightingale happened to be his platform for classic rock and melodious progressive music. They have released eight albums until now and played live now and then. You had to have luck to be able to see them live somewhere, since regular touring was never in the planning.

In June 2016, the band – in addition to Dan made up of brother Dag (Tom Nouga), bassist Erik Oskarsson and drummer Tom Björn – performed live at the infamous Rock Hard festival in Germany. They made some audio recordings from that show and Swanö himself opted for a registration with microphones pointed at the audience. Thus a genuine live experience. Since it is an uncensored and un-reworked version, the sound is not always perfect. The band never cared about one mistake and always focused on having fun while playing and debonair entertainment. And that’s exactly what this is, with a crisscross choice of songs of their extended repertory. ‘Nightfall Overdrive’ opens to set the crowd on fire. Next Swanö counts in German – he’s been living there for quite a while now – and we smoothly rock on ‘A Raincheck On My Demise’. The heartfelt clean vocals of Dan, AOR keyboards and fervent guitar skills are omnipresent. ‘Hide Away’ is announced as a song written by the drummer and new work (latest album is ‘Retribution’) is played with ‘Forevermore’. ‘Into The Light’ is an older track from ‘Alive Again’ and ‘Chasing The Storm Away’ (written by brother Dag) happens to be very beautiful. Twenty years ago their second album ‘The Closing Chronicles’ came out and this is celebrated by the live execution of ‘Revival’. The bassist is put in the spotlights for a moment during ‘Steal The Moon’ and then it is already time for the finale with the old stunner ‘Black Tears’. The whole crowd sings along with it, nice! This is a nice memory, although it would have been even better as DVD I guess, with a visual aspect too. This is released on CD and LP. On the same day the vinyl version of the most recent studio album ’Retribution’ will be released by the same Alone Records label.

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