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Lionize - Nuclear Soul

Lionize - Nuclear Soul

Label : The End Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : Lionize proceeds the path of solid, melodic, catchy, sometimes poppy rock with a small dosis of funk and soul on their latest release 'Nuclear Soul'. Many different influences are combined to harmonic songs with craftsmanship. The (twin)guitars might remind of Thin Lizzy in a way, so that can be called quite alright to say the least, the rhythm section is creative, effective and obliging, the keyboard is truly adding to the songs and present in the right proportions, and the voice is just very pleasant. Everything quite all right you'd say, so is there nothing else about this album? In a way, no, simply a very listenable release. On the other hand, I wonder how the result would be if they wouldn't play on safe that much, get over the edge at times, to let this one rise above the average stuff. Something more than this must be possible with the available capacities; this band should be able to produce some great things which can make a difference. 'Nuclear Soul' is a job well done, but could be even more in my opinion.

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