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Susperia - Unlimited

Susperia - Unlimited

Label : | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Peter B. : Just a few weeks ago, me and some of my friends were talking about the how and why that there aren't that much great 'Bay Area' thrash metal releases nowadays. Or at least an album with that feel to it. Today I'm listening to the new Susperia album "Unlimited” and I have to say that this album certainly has a touch of it.

Susperia, I have heard their previous albums, but never enough to compare this new album to the previous ones, so let's just talk about the here and now. The first thing that suprises me are the vocals from leadsinger Athera, who seem like a mixture between Phil from Pantera and Chuck from Testament. The same goes for the music. The first two songs of the album, "Chemistry” and "The Coming Past” are very (Bay Area) thrashy and very melodic. In "Situational Awareness” you also hear some of the bands roots, atmospheric black metal. This creates a very energetic balance between melodic thrash and the dark touch of black metal. The combination is deadly, as we can also hear on songs as "Off The Grid” and "Years Of Infinity”. The album "Unlimited” remains a thrash metal album though and also the remaining songs on the album are all very worth listening to. Especially the song "Untouched” I like very much.

Fans of good old Bay Area thrash metal who don't mind some dark Scandinavian influences, beware!

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