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Godenbloed - Godenbloed

Godenbloed - Godenbloed

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Demo

Marcel H. : Totally unknown to me, because they hadn’t released any music yet, I saw Godenbloed this past end of October open the second day of Dutch Doom Days in Baroeg, Rotterdam. I was thus impressed by their set that I immediately bought their demo after the set’s conclusion. You can’t pass by on such a thing when it costs a mere two euro, that’s less than one beer. The band had printed twenty copies specifically for Dutch Doom Days. All twenty were sold out in no time at all. The demo is still digitally available over at this location.

The demo itself… in 26 minutes four songs pass by. Some fine black doom which is especially carried by the vocals of Lars (also known for his vocals in Heidevolk). His screams cut through the bone, what magnificence. Musically it is some fine black doom characterized by some fine build-ups. Just listen to ‘Oordeel’. Sound wise it isn’t up to scratch, yet. Lars had already warned me for it. At times it is extremely distorted, the volume is so high it clips. But it was promised that this will be dealt with when the demo will be released again (more copies than before). Until that time I will certainly spin this V 1.0 version often.

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