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Epica - The Score 2.0 – An Epic Journey

Epica - The Score 2.0 – An Epic Journey

Label : Transmission Records | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : In 2005 the Dutch band Epica released the album ‘The Score’, on which they clearly showed that they had a lot more to offer than the “average” female fronted rock band, as the band presented the by Mark Jansen, Coen Janssen and Yves Huts composed orchestral and bombastic film music for the movie ‘Joyride’. Typical Epica music, but then without the guitars, without the bass, without the drums and largely without the vocals of Simone Simons. As such ‘The Score’ was definitely not intended to “please” the regular Epica fans, but was certainly suited for the more open-minded music lovers who could appreciated orchestral bombast.

More than ten years after the original release producer Miro Rodenberg has once more re-worked this material and he has written some additional arrangements, added some extra keyboard parts and has provided the material with a new mix. The result of his work is now released as a very beautifully packaged double album under the title ‘The Score 2.0 – An Epic Journey’ and will definitely be welcomed by all of those who already appreciated the original album. The fanatic metal heads that can only appreciate the harder side of the band should just neglect this release as they won’t know what to do with this material. I myself see this as a very welcome addition to my Epica collection.

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