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Ayat - Carry On, Carion

Ayat - Carry On, Carion

Label : Moribund Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

William Kampen : Horst. Dude. Boss. Stop sending me black metal from ridiculous countries. “Black metal” from Lebanon? What a horrible, steaming pile of shit this is. Why are they even using my name in a title? 'Fever In Tangiers, Or To William'? Leave my goddamn name alone. I gave this record the benefit of the doubt, considering it is a Moribund Record release. They released great stuff by Arckanum, Behexenn, Sargeist, Judas Iscariot and many more classics. This record seems like a bet gone wrong and this being the punishment. Releasing this dribble through Moribund. A tin can drumcomputer, forgettable black 'n roll riffs and two morons naming themselves Reverend Filthy Fuck and Mullah Sadogoat and I am done.

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