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Blacklist Ltd. - Still Limited

Blacklist Ltd. - Still Limited

Label : Kernkraftritter Records | Archive under punk / hardcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen B. : Blacklist Ltd.? I think I never heard of them before, although they exist since 2004 and have so far released a self-titled MCD (2005) and two full-lengths: ‘Tonight My Life Is On Fire’ (2006) and ‘B’ (2007). Those were self-releasers by the way, so no wonder why I didn’t know them yet. Maybe they have been on a hiatus for about ten years as well, but anyway, now Blacklist Ltd. Is signed with Kernkraftritter Records, a label that is emerging more and more with appealing releases.

Blacklist Ltd. plays deathcore / metalcore / hardcore with ‘angry boy” Phil Anselmo-alike vocals. The whole “deathcore breakdown thingy” is a bit too new fashioned for me, but Blacklist Ltd. convinces me with good song writing, technical skills and fierce ‘n unrelenting power. Kernkraftritter Records has some nice packages for you as well: CD + shirt, CD + girlie or CD + beer. Check their website for details. Pretty good band!

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