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Oddfella - AM/FM

Oddfella - AM/FM

Label : Ethereal Soundworks | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : Oddfella. And the album is named 'AM/FM'. I do not know more about the band. On Facebook, the band has only 20 likes and there is no information available there also. So I cannot tell you more about the band and its history and / or background. What I can tell is that this is a great album!

Oddfella plays instrumental music. But not of the postrock kind or something like that. They play a mix of metal, hardrock and alternative rock. And actually they play the kind of songs that seem to be recorded without adding the vocals, like they forgot to do that. Therefore the instruments do not take over the vocal melodies into account, if you understand what I mean. The band varies very organically in tempo (generally quite low) but also in color. I clearly hear influences from Long Distance Calling ('Geisha'), a band that may be closest to Oddfella's music. There have been many ideas put in the 11 self-written songs and it is a well-played by the musicians. The album also sounds great; very transparent. Nice album!

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