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Savage Messiah - Hands Of Fate

Savage Messiah - Hands Of Fate

Label : Century Media | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : British guitarist/vocalist Dave Silver has been going on with his Savage Messiah for over a decade, and has released four full-length albums so far. Their first EP, ’Spitting Venom’, wasn’t really convincing to me due to its shameless “theft” and total lack of a self-identity. On the first LP, ’Insurrection Rising’ the band had again borrowed a lot from the bigger thrash acts, and namely Testament, but still the album did a lot better, and more importantly the band’s qualities came across much better. On the following records the band stepped away from their thrash sound, and more and more went into a more modern, and generally more melodic direction.

The band has just released its fifth album, ‘Hands Of Fate’, on which they continue the developments they showed on the previous records. However, on this album the band has taken that even further. This album more or less is the definite turning point for Savage Messiah and it is clear that the band is aiming for a larger audience and the metal mainstream. Even though the music still has some thrash influences, we can hardly label Savage Messiah as a thrash band nowadays. What we have here is a combination of modern, somewhat progressive heavy/power metal and melodic thrash that sounds rather commercial. Musically and technically the album is definitely in a good condition and also meets todays quality demands. No doubt about that.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that this direction doesn’t apply to me at all, and also ‘Hands Of Fate’ is the kind of album that I generally despise and (although I may go a bit too far) find metal-unworthy. Look alone at the horrible, uninspired cover artwork; typically a cover that I would skip immediately during a record-hunt. The music, regardless of how well-composed, well-performed, and well-produced it is, is as uninspired, soulless and anonymous and the cover. And to think that this band once was “Britain’s best kept thrash secret”… there is nothing left from that, and now the band finds itself in between the masses in hope to gain some commercial success. I hope they find what they are looking for, but I’m personally done with this band and don’t wish to hear anything by them anymore. The final score is the average of quality/technique/songwriting (80) and the general, personal feel (30).

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