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Purple Hill Witch - Celestial Cemetary

Purple Hill Witch - Celestial Cemetary

Label : The Church Within | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : Psychedelic twiddling enter the fray… Purple Witch Hill is back with their doom with psychedelic stoner influences. Because of the vocals a link to Count Raven can easily be made. Although Purple With Hill’s vocalist has a thinner and more nasal version of it. One could say that the vocals here sound like that of Chritus with a cold. The vocal lines are also reminiscent of Count Raven. There are quite a few moments that I am about to burst into singing ‘Leaving The Warzone’ of the Swedes. Musically it just touches Count Raven at most. Purple Hill Witch is more psychedelic and stoner than the doom of those Swedes. The songs do tend to stick. Nice album, nothing more, nothing less.

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