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Pile Of Excrements - Escatology

Pile Of Excrements - Escatology

Label : Memento Mori | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Sicktus : So… The band’s name is Pile Of Excrements, the album is entitled ‘Escatology’, the describe themselves as a death metal shitstorm and the band pic features one of the members engaging in a suggestive chocolate mousse feast. Probably the drummer, if his stage name is anything to go by – you guessed it: Shit Eater... Yes, at first glance, the changes that we are dealing with a band that likes to tackle all kinds of really serious topics is... Well... Fairly small.

But hey, that is all well and good, these three Greeks do deliver a surprisingly seriously enjoyable kind of filthy deathgrind. Fun and self-mockery are key. Musically, they are clearly inspired by bands like Ghoul, Abscess, Pungent Stench and maybe Necrophagia has also left a (skid) mark on the band. So: if you’re looking for a neat, no-nonsense helping of crusty, bouncing deathgrind and the aforementioned bands appeal to your musical taste? Look no further, pinch your nose and dive face first into the soiled world of Pile Of Excrements!

Noteworthy fact for those who dig silly “covers”: ‘Buttfucked By Giant Cockroach’ features the melody of ‘La Cucaracha’. I could have done without that, to be honest. The lyrics being a bit childish is okay with me, especially since vocalist Necropervert’s style isn’t the most intelligible or articulated anyway. The attempt at “musical humour” however does take away from the otherwise rather enjoyable deathgrind. Luckily it is just the one track. Final fact: drummer Shit Eater is also active in Necrovorous, who delivered a very decent album last month, ‘Plains Of Decay’.

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