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Into The Unknown - Out Of The Shadows

Into The Unknown - Out Of The Shadows

Label : Vigilante Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : Into The Unknown is a new British metal band whose nucleus consists out of female singer Lucie Hölzlová, guitar player Ryan Atkins and bass player Ruper Withers, who bring their debut album to market with this ‘Out Of The Shadows’ record. Style-wise the band is kinda hard to categorize as a multitude of influences is to be found in their music. As such everything sounds quite modern, sometimes even mechanic and industrial and they often use electronics and special effects. Furthermore they have placed an acoustic song named ‘Breaking My Heart’ on the album as well as two covers being ‘Don’t Pay The Ferrymen’ from Chris De Burgh and ‘Wrecking Ball’ from…yes sir Miley Cyrus.

The album sounds somewhat messy to me and I also can’t really appreciate Lucie’s voice. Furthermore the “catchy choruses” that they write about in the accompanying leaflet, are not really there in my opinion. The band definitely has its own sound, but if I listen to tunes like ‘Monsters’, ‘Why Me?’ and ‘Once’, I must simply conclude that it isn’t the sound that I’m looking for. ‘Out Of The Shadows’ will certainly be capable to appeal to some groups of people, but it just doesn’t appeal to me as everything sounds way too chaotic and modern.

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