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Hornwood Fell - My Body, My Time

Hornwood Fell - My Body, My Time

Label : Avantgarde | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Roel de Haan : Hornwood Fell is an Italian act that used to play rather straightforward black metal in the vein of early Ulver and Satyricon, but on this third full-length ‘My Body, My Time’ they went for a post black metal aesthetic. Stylistically most akin to Lantlôs’ eponymous debut album, but Hornwood Fell employs a rather unusual vocal approach. Imagine the cleanish vocals of A Forest Of Stars and the echoing whines of The Crevices Below combined into a feverish proclamatory style of singing. Quite unique, I would say, but also a thing you either love or hate. I have no qualms with it though. ‘My Body, My Time’ is often quite aggressive and the contrast this provides with the vocals and calmer parts make for dynamic album. The album is quite something to take in and digest, but its originality and surprising sound does make up for it. Interesting release within the post black metal genre.

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