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Highway - IV

Highway - IV

Label : Dooweet | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : The fourth album by the French melodic rockers Highway is titled very suitable ‘IV’. I’ve never came across any previous material by these guys, but maybe that’s not very surprising because they are not that known. These French guys are certainly very capable of their musical tasks, but also produce very common, predictable stuff. The melodic hard rock contains some sharp edges heading toward sleazy metal, yet the overall sound makes one suspect an urge to produce commercial easy consumable tunes. Despite these serious attempts, they have come up with just too forced results which sound empty and humdrum. Maybe that can be said of the matter as a whole; the vocals for example is quite alright mostly, but does not convince, the guitars are performed cunningly, but contain no passion (the in between riffs in the background sound like straight hammer-on/pull-off finger exercises) and the song material is simply not interesting enough. How they got Jeff Scott Soto to do a guest performance, is truly unclear to me, but even this contributions cannot save the questionable level of quality.

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