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Hexis - XII

Hexis - XII

Label : Moment Of Collapse | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen S. : Hexis from Denmark. Someone? Not really known, but with their eleventh release since 2011 they are very productive anyway. Earlier this year they already released a full length with ‘Tando Ashanti' and now they are already back again with the EP 'XII'. They are also a lot on tour, so there’s a chance you can watch them play live in your local club in the near future. Five demented songs in a disturbing mix of black metal, sludge and post black with hints of noise, thumping drums and tormented vocals. Sometimes a wall of sound and background noise and often monotonous with the repeating riffs. These rather chaotic mixture is not for the sensitive souls, but an entertaining little album for those who can digest ‘XII' rather well.

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