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Goatpenis - Anesthetic Vapor

Goatpenis - Anesthetic Vapor

Label : Nuclear War Now! Productions | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen S. : Underground with a big 'U'! Cult band that spits out their blasphemous black death metal over the earth since 1991. They even exist since 1988 under the name 'Suppurated Fetus' with the only constant member and deranged maniac Sabbaoth. We are talking about the Brazilian band Goatpenis, that literally overwhelms us with their twenty-seventh release since 1992. 'Anesthetic Vapor' is only the fifth long player of this Brazilian wretch and is released soon after ‘Apocalypse War’ from 2016.

Once again War metal with a large 'W'! Thundering drums, militaristic tunes and Rugged Riffs with a big 'R'! Just listen to 'Excrementory Genocide' or 'Oppressive Ferric Noise'! More greasy than massage oil and dirtier than fresh baby poop. And yet there is room for melody: listen to 'Machiavelli Reputation – Chapter', 'Carnivorous Ability' or the slower 'Pleasant Atrocities March' and you will find a lot of redeeming, melodic parts. There is also this guest appearance by Black Winds of Blasphemy doing the screaming on this record. My personal highlight is the catchy and vigorous 'Carnivorous Ability' but there are plenty of other memorable songs on 'Anesthetic Vapor' too. A great album to party wild while listening at maximum volume and a must have for everyone, because if you think this isn’t good, you need to listen better!

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