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Glittertind - Himmelfall

Glittertind - Himmelfall

Label : Hjelmkald | Archive under pagan / folk metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Glittertind started as one-man-project of the Norwegian Torbjörn Sandvik. The first albums offered us proper authentic Viking metal. Later an extensive band was formed around him, but the music got calmer. The previous album Blåne For Blåne’ was even completely acoustic. One could better describe this Indie/folk rock disc as the work of a singer-songwriter or troubadour.

This tendency is continued on the new record ‘Himmelfall’. This time the Norwegian lyrics deal with the fact that five centuries ago, Luther started his rebellion against the church, but later he conquered Norway with his religious thoughts. Melancholic, storytelling songs are intermittent with ones that feature sturdy heathen harmony chants (with a more cheerful tinge). In addition to the band, we hear guest musicians on flute, violin and horns. The songs with brass section – more precisely ‘Etter Stormen’ and ‘Finst Ikkje Meir’ - are not my cup of tea at all. We also have two dark keyboard intermezzos called ‘Himmerfall’ and ‘Utferd’. The rest is troubadour-like. All in all I am not so enthusiastic as before with earlier discs, but those who have a soft spot for authenticity tout court might enjoy this.

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