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Wo Fat - Live Juju – Freak Valley And Beyond

Wo Fat - Live Juju – Freak Valley And Beyond

Label : Ripple Music | Archive under stoner

Release type: Full-length CD

Jurgen : Texan stoners Wo Fat serve a pretty rough sound kept live album. It is a more comprehensive release of the 2015 ´Live Juju: Freak Valley´ album, which is a recording of the band´s performance at the German Freak Valley Festival in 2014. Now released vinyl set includes a second lp that is a registration of a recent local show at the Double Wide venue in Dallas. This is the first time to hear new bass player Zack Busby. The result was baptized in ´Live Juju – Freak Valley And Beyond´. And, it is also the first time appearance of the particular album on cd.

Meanwhile, Wo Fat is a firmly established name within the stoner rock community, having six – generally – more than well-received albums on its behalf. The men´s over-the-counter stoner riffing maybe not that unique, but the way they handle their stoner is still highly contagious. This live release confirms that again.

True to Black Sabbath riff-training and with the never-ending steamy Kyuss grooving, well-dosed Fu Manchu sun coloring and adventurous solo-guitarplaying as with Earthless or Radio Moscow, makes briefly a rather striking reference description of Wo Fat. A sound that may even be heard and breathed better on those two live albums than on the studio material. This particular ´Live Juju – Freak Valley And Beyond´ also brings forward a lot of it. The ghastly, swampy fuzzy guitar prey, the fat, abrasive bass and drifting, relentless rocking or doomy rhythm, they all do sprinkle from the recordings nicely raw and straight into their thrust. And the completing boozey vocals of singer/guitarist Kent Stump, which do emerge with a good scratch. Wo Fat at its best, in almost eighty minutes ´rifforama´; without doubt convincing boiling and dooming psych-stoner. Of which the band´s jam characteristic, within the four ´Dallas´ tracks, pushes forward maybe even a little bit more. Three out of those four tracks are clocking more than ten minutes and feel like true widely spinning jams. They also contain this thicker sound, compaired to the recordings at the Freak Valley Festival. It once again emphasizes this live records´ power, that is tastefully energetic and pretty organic.

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