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Dauþuz - Die Grubenmähre

Dauþuz - Die Grubenmähre

Label : Naturmacht Productions | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen S. : It is time to go back into the mines, where only the dark and silence of the mountains hear your screams and agony. Dauþuz from Germany is back with their second album ‘Die Grubenmähre’ and their very own version of epic black metal. These German miners work their way through the mountains and forests of Thuringia with a pickaxe.

After a strange acoustic intro that seems to be recorded in a wet cave, you are about to surrender to the melancholic and atmospheric black metal by Dauþuz. What sticks out immediately are the vocals: aggressive screams alternate with lurid, inhuman sounding shrieks. The production on 'Die
Grubenmähre' is excellent, I only wish the bass was a bit higher in the mix. The guitars, acoustic and electric, sound excellent though. Downside I find the four instrumental songs with a combined duration of more than seven minutes. Those however, who love German black metal bands as Nagelfar, Waldgeflüster and Imperium Dekadenz, will also appreciate this album.

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