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Vhäldemar - Against All Kings

Vhäldemar - Against All Kings

Label : Fighter Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : Spanish show-off about Manowarish topics. Vhäldemar has arrived at album number five and also this one is an old-fasioned heavy metal party almost exploding because of all the clichés crammed in it. The man in the spotlights is singer Carlos Escudero again without a doubt, whose voice is the closest thing to Accept you will get this year. On a song like ‘Metalizer’ you can also hear the Accept influences in the music, this song would not have done bad on ‘Stalingrad’! Also this album has a song called ‘Old King’s Visions’, this time with the addition Part 5, a tradition the band keeps up for over 15 years now. The title track is slower and has a more melodic baseline, this is one you want to listen. You can say that even more about ‘Howling At The Moon’, combining the best that Gamma Ray, Running Wild and Hammerfall have to offer. This is top notch heavy metal, and the only thing you can be disappointed about is that we’ll probably have to wait for six years for new stuff of the band again. With ‘Against All Kings’ we at least have something to keep us amused for the coming time, great album!

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