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ColdCell - Those

ColdCell - Those

Label : Czar Of Crickets Productions | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Roel de Haan : The Swiss atmospheric black metal horde ColdCell return with a third album called ‘Those’. With members of Schammasch within their ranks it not surprising to hear this creeping into ColdCell’s music. However, ColdCell is very much an entity of itself. More straightforward and focussed on structure than the aforementioned band, but in terms of atmosphere operating in roughly the same waters. On ‘Those’ it becomes clear that ColdCell is moving even further away from Atritas (the band from which ColdCell arose) and is developing in complexity and depth. The result is an album that sounds extremely tight and professional but also offers a dark and mysterious atmosphere somewhere along the lines of Dark Fortress and Schammasch. Coupled with a varied and accomplished song-writing, this ‘Those’ has become an album that should elevate ColdCell’s status significantly.

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