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Steel Shock - For Metal To Battle

Steel Shock - For Metal To Battle

Label : Alone Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : If you want to hear an homage to traditional heavy metal, then you certainly have to go for this debut album ‘For Metal To Battle’ of the band Steel Shock, because everything that this band does breathes the atmosphere of old-school eighties metal. The band is the brainchild of Vortex guitar player Martjo Brongers and singer Nima Sadeghi, who both are not really hiding what their favorite musical period is. The lyrics, the song titles, the musical coloring of the songs, in everything both gentlemen display their adoration for old-school eighties metal.

There will be quite a number of people which will see this as cliché and maybe even childish, but then they really don’t do justice to this band. I have to admit that song titles like ‘Metal Fire’, ‘Night Of Steel’ and ‘All Hail To Metal’ aren’t really original, but Steel Shock isn’t the band for that. The enthusiastic musicianship is there, the song material on offer sounds nice and heavy and also singer Nima Sadeghi is distinguishing himself in a positive way, causing this to be a very meritorious debut album. Furthermore I think that there still are a lot of people in the scene that can really appreciate this kind of old-school metal. I for one can say that I’ve certainly enjoyed myself with this ‘For Metal To Battle’ album and I would only welcome it if the band prolongs this on possible next releases. Next to this I think that this kind of material can really create a nice party in a live setting. There are not too many albums available, so I would hurry if you want to add this record to your collection. Do just that, because it’s certainly worthwhile!

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