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Blues Pills - Lady In Gold - Live In Paris

Blues Pills - Lady In Gold - Live In Paris

Label : Nuclear Blast | Archive under bluesrock

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : You can say I have a hate-love relationship with Blues Pills. Last year I was very critical about their latest studio album 'Lady In Gold', which at some point even led to a fine polemic with Bidi van Drongelen (RIP), who continued to defend the band through thick and thin. I also saw the band playing live during this year's ‘Rock Hard Festival’. I found that the band parasitized on the beauty - both in voice and appearance - of frontwoman Elin Larsson and that much of the spontaneity and frivolity of the band's initial period had disappeared. Their latest album sounded very lastingly, without any outbursts, while that was just the strength and charm of the band and could still have been the strength. So I was a bit shaky when I was asked to review a new album from Blues Pills. A live album. With a DVD! Wow. Nuclear Blast let it rip.

First of all, about the CD. Fortunately, there is a (big) difference between Blues Pills on CD and Blues Pills live. The band is rocking anyway, fortunately, and there are many more solos from Soriaux than in his studio contributions and Larsson just remains a great singer. She takes care of the whole band and puts everything that happens to her hand. She is obviously the one who runs this band. The absolute leader. Perhaps that's also the reason why the album's artwork shows only one band member... As mentioned, live even the worst songs from the different albums (‘Bad Talkers’, ’Gone So Long’) sound better but it will not be a coincidence that the older songs (‘Black Smoke’, ‘Devil Man’) are way above the newer songs, in every aspect. Just to mention the wonderful ‘Bliss’. Fok, this is just a great band, but in the studio they do not show that anymore and that is just what bothers me. As is often the case with Blues Pills, especially the CDs are interesting. The DVD is nice (everything is excellently filmed) but it is not really a visual spectacle. Although it's always nice to see Elin.

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