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Souldrinker - War Is Coming

Souldrinker - War Is Coming

Label : El Puerto Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Henk : Soul drinker is a German power/groove metal band where we find guitarist Markus Pohl, also known of Mystic Prophecy. The band consists further of singer Iris Boanta, drummer Steffen Theurer and bassist Chris Rodens. 'War Is Coming' is not the first achievement of this band. Previously two EPS were release . 'Let The King Bleed' kicks off the album very well and with that one hopes on more fireworks after that. This comes with the following three songs but then the album gets a bit weaker. It certainly is not bad, the musical qualities of this foursome are too high for that, but after six songs it all seems just a little too much alike. However, if you love tough metal with sing-along choruses then Soul drinker is the right band for you. Guitarist Markus also showcases some great Zakk Wylde-like guitar parts and the album features a more than good tight heavy sound. Therefore a fine debut for this band.

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