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Sleeping Romance - Alba

Sleeping Romance - Alba

Label : Napalm Records | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Hendrik Attema : In the spring of 2017 Sleeping Romance visited the Netherlands for a few shows. One of these was an ‘unplugged’ show in Kaatsheuvel. During this show the band presented a few new songs amongst older work and covers. These new songs were stripped to the bone and played with only vocals and a guitar. The new songs sounded as they would not stand out again amongst everything else in the genre. Unfortunately, ‘Alba’ proves just this. The production of the album is great, the musicianship is without the shadow of a doubt, but there is a mere lack of an own sound of Sleeping Romance. ‘Alba’ holds some positive highlights like ‘Touch The Sun’ and ‘Across The Sea’. But these are obscured by a song like ‘Everything Behind’. The first two show that the band does have something of its own, but that’s not the case for the whole album. Thus ‘Alba’ will make it hard for the band to find a good spot in the genre that already holds so many bands. The upcoming months the band will do some decent touring which should win over some spectators when they come to the right setlist. After this touring the band really has to work hard make a convincing third album.

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