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Bell Witch - Mirror Reaper

Bell Witch - Mirror Reaper

Label : Profound Lore | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : Sit down for it, make yourself comfortable, and take your time. After a debut album of almost 68 minutes and a second one of 67 Bell Witch now decides to unleash ‘Mirror Reaper’ which close in at almost 84 minutes. As if that isn’t extreme enough, ‘Mirror Reaper’ consists of one song. On the 2CD version the band split it up into two. ‘Mirror Reaper (As Above)’ clocks in just above 48 minutes and ‘Mirror Reaper (So Below)’ at 35 and a half minutes. The split-up has been done in a logical way. The first part consists of the heavier parts which alternate between sludge and funeral doom. The second part is the more tranquil part with almost ambient like music and forms a sort of antithesis to the first part.

Drummer/vocalist Adrian Guerra isn’t part of the band any more since he passed away in 2016. However he can be heard during a couple of vocal parts. These parts were left-overs of the ‘Four Phantoms’ recording sessions. As they weren’t used on that album the band decided to use them here on ‘Mirror Reaper’ in honour of Adrian. Despite the passing of Adrian Bell Witch is still unmistakably Bell Witch, just a bass player and a drummer. The lack of a guitarist doesn’t come into play at all due to the effects on the bass and how the album was crafted on a productional level. Everything totally works here. Bell Witch has delivered their magnum opus with ‘Mirror Reaper’. Hearing is believing. You have to undergo is and preferably in digital form so you can take in all 84 minutes without being interrupted, Absolutely album of the year material.

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