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Andreas Budweiser - Alarm

Andreas Budweiser - Alarm

Label : Kernkraftritter Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen B. : Andreas Budweiser a.k.a. Andy Budweiser a.k.a. A. Machine a.k.a. Andreas Wimmer is more or less known as guitarist / vocalist for Germany’s Predatory Violence. Their most recent album ’Marked For Death’ (Killer Metal Records) came out about five years back and since then it’s pretty silent around the German thrash metal machine. I think Mr. Budweiser was fed up with that and breaks the silence with his first ever solo album ‘Alarm’.

This one was released through Kernkraftritter Records and is available on vinyl (including a free CD) and digipack CD. What’s the use of making a solo album? Stepping out of the boundaries of the primary band. Therefore you don’t have to expect a full on thrash LP / CD in the vein of Predatory Violence, but some more out of boundary influences like some crazy vocals in ‘The Wig’ or rock ‘n roll influences in ‘Fred Astaire’. Is Budweiser weakening out? Hell no, this is a pretty neat LP / CD in between Predatory Violence releases.

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