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Phantom 5 - Play To Win

Phantom 5 - Play To Win

Label : Frontiers Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : If a German super group should be appointed within the melodic rock scene, then it could be one that exactly fits the line-up of Phantom 5, because if you bring singer Claus Lessmann (Bonfire), guitar player Michael Voss (Casanova), bass player Robert Boebel (Frontline) and drummer Axel Kruse (Jaded Heart) together, then you’re dealing with some of the best musicians from the German melodic rock scene. Last year the eponymously entitled debut album saw the light of day, which is now followed by this ‘Play To Win’. The recipe has of course largely stayed the same and that’s all for the better, because that’s exactly why this ‘Play To Win’ has become such a great record again.

The presented song material provides lots of room for guitar player Michael Voss to fire the necessary lovely melodic riffs out of his six strings, while singer Claus Lessmann once more proves to be one of the best German singers within the melodic rock genre. That account for a number of beautiful tunes of which especially ‘Crossfire’, ‘Play To Win’, ‘Phantom Child’ and ‘Reach Out’ are very much to my liking, but as a matter of fact the true force of the record is the consistently high quality level. You don’t have to expect much innovation, but what you get is very well executed and enjoyable melodic rock songs with balls. Mighty fine album!

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