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Ósserp - Al Meu Pas S'alça La Mort

Ósserp - Al Meu Pas S'alça La Mort

Label : Hecatombe Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen S. : 'Al Meu S'alça Pas La Mort' is the name of the second album by Ósserp, a Spanish death metal band. Ósserp is a combination of Ós, which means 'bear', and 'Serp', meaning 'snake' in the Catalan language. Don't ask me to translate the title of the album, because even after four years of Spanish classes, I still don’t understand a word of Catalan.

This is again no album by, or for wimps: raw death metal with two vocalists, very low-tuned guitars and a slightly experimental aspect, sometimes even touching the borders with hardcore and grindcore. Singer Xavi, co-founder of the band and grunt king Vali, since 2015 member of Ósserp complement each other perfectly in their joint quest. Vali is known for his work at Morbid Flesh, with which he released a beast of an album earlier this year. As the album progresses, I get used to the less conservative approach of these guys. ‘Jo No Ploro Els Màrtirs' is a true riff fest, 'La Falç De Saturn’ contains cosmic sounding keys, 'Amb El Cap'm Alt' is a real old school death metal cracker, 'El Culte' has a crusty vibe and closing track 'El Buit Ft Cosco (Rebuig)’ is a sick atmospheric monstrosity. 'Al Meu S'alça Pas La Mort' is not an easy album but they who like a variety of extremes, will have a blast.

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